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Saturday, August 13, 2011

So after not blogging(I was tired,Kay?) I went shopping for the past 2 days,so I'm doing a litte haul of stuff I got:
For Beauty Products:
CoverGirl SmokeyShadowBlast in Silver Sky (gonna do a covergirl over(re)view soon)
Revlon Glam Eyes EyeShadow in Night Jewel(beautiful color)
For Clothes:
G:21 Chain Necklace(my Mom thought it was chain mail from medevil times,lol)
An I <3 Boobies Bracelet (For My Friend M,since I did)
For Fun Stuff:
Hello Kitty Band Aid (for my babysitting bag,and maybe for school,lol)
Shiver By Maggie ??????(can't type her last name) so far good!
So that's all I got,and if you want reviews,tutorials,whatever,comment below!

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