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Sunday, August 7, 2011


So today was interesting.. I got to go to International in St.Stephen, where the beach is.. so i went to the vendors, and SHOPPED! Just Great when you want to Save Money! So I got five things: A Heart Ring with a Black Stone(they're was no Garnet,boo >-< ) For $5, Black Water Beads(so cool..)$4 for 1 vial of beads, and the most DISGUSTING lemonade EVER! for $3 dollars..yuck.But i got some cool pics of Me at the Ganong Chocolate Factory..YUM! I got 1 Dark Chocolate Truffle(must.go.get.more!) and 1 white chocolate truffle with lemon filling(not to bad,actually) didn't get to go in the Museum.. I just missed the Hours But I will at Next Year's CHOCOLATE FEST!! You can also go in the factory, but only on the chocolate fest, due to health reasons(sob sob) I'm Gonna Have the Pics Up Tomorrow, So Comment Below and Tell Me What You Think!!


P.S Links To Water Beads and Ganongs Chocolate:

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