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Friday, August 5, 2011

Going to the Beach!!

So I am heading off to the beach tomorrow with my good friend H!! Since I'm staying the night at the camp, here's what i'm taking with me:
 Fashion/Beach Necessities!
 Sunscreen(SPF 45!!) You always need to protect your skin from harmful,skin aging UVA!!
 Beach Towels-Duh!!
 Swimsuits-My 2 bikinis and swim shorts!!
 girl stuff- 'nuff said
 2 Tanks: Green and Black
 2 Shorts: Jean and Black
 Cozy Sweater-orange and grey striped(for bonfires)
 Undergarments-'Nuff said
 Sandals and Flip Flops-1 each
For Make-up,Skincare And Hair:
Face Wipes/Cleanser

My Makeup(for going out or boredom):Eyeliner,Concealer,Mascara and lip-balm
Elastics(duh :) )
bobby pins(never have too many!!)
Hair Brush/shampoo and conditioner/dry shampoo
Books(Frannie in Pieces, Whatever I throw in)
I Pod& Charger
Essay on Gnomes(Time Killer)
Junk ( i dunno)
Camera and Video Camera (pics and maybe a vid!!)
 So that's all I'm Taking With Me, and ill take loads of pics that I'll post u L8TA!!
Kalie ^_^ 

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