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Friday, August 5, 2011

Going to the Beach!!

So I am heading off to the beach tomorrow with my good friend H!! Since I'm staying the night at the camp, here's what i'm taking with me:
 Fashion/Beach Necessities!
 Sunscreen(SPF 45!!) You always need to protect your skin from harmful,skin aging UVA!!
 Beach Towels-Duh!!
 Swimsuits-My 2 bikinis and swim shorts!!
 girl stuff- 'nuff said
 2 Tanks: Green and Black
 2 Shorts: Jean and Black
 Cozy Sweater-orange and grey striped(for bonfires)
 Undergarments-'Nuff said
 Sandals and Flip Flops-1 each
For Make-up,Skincare And Hair:
Face Wipes/Cleanser

My Makeup(for going out or boredom):Eyeliner,Concealer,Mascara and lip-balm
Elastics(duh :) )
bobby pins(never have too many!!)
Hair Brush/shampoo and conditioner/dry shampoo
Books(Frannie in Pieces, Whatever I throw in)
I Pod& Charger
Essay on Gnomes(Time Killer)
Junk ( i dunno)
Camera and Video Camera (pics and maybe a vid!!)
 So that's all I'm Taking With Me, and ill take loads of pics that I'll post u L8TA!!
Kalie ^_^ 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Trip!!

So I think I'm gonna Do a navy Blue Smokey Eye Video... Whatya Think???

Just the right place to find a schadenfreude


So I went to Sally's and Winneres to kill the time and use my gift cards, and got quite a bit..
Femme Couture Mineral Eyeshadow in Truffle and Sandy Beach
sandy beach 
Femme Couture Mineral Ultra Smooth Gel Eyeliner in Navy(got the wrong color LOL!)

JLIFE Heat Sheild and Swell Mousse(Got from winners, but available in the UK)

swell mousse Heat ShieldSula's Paint and Peel Nail Colour in Dove That's All I got Beauty and Hair Wise!!!LOL,Kalie